About ITConnect

ITConnect is a premier provider of enterprise-class IT design, consulting, and assessment services. We specialize in providing effective IT solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership of client network environments while enhancing systems reliability and productivity.

ITC was founded by a group of senior-level IT professionals, each of whom pride themselves on designing the best and most innovative solutions for their clients, and providing best-of-breed customer service. This philosophy is the foundation upon which ITC is built.

Among our focused areas of expertise are the design, planning and implementation of:

  • Network security assessment and infrastructure
  • Virtualization migration and consolidation
  • Network infrastructure
  • Business continuity
  • High availability and fault-tolerant solutions
  • Project management
  • Network management and support
  • Advanced collaboration solutions
  • IT knowledge transfer

Each technician is a highly trained and experienced professional with the latest IT industry certifications and accreditations from such leaders as Microsoft, VMware, Barracuda Networks, SonicWALL and many others. ITC technicians work closely with our customers to design the right solution to target their unique individual technical, budgetary and business needs.

IT Connect will continue to research and provide innovative solutions that
provide our customers the IT tools they need to succeed.

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